Decks & Presentations

Deck Perennial 01b

Perennial Capital Advisors

Perennial wanted a PowerPoint template that could be customized for different investor presentations.

Deck IronMtn 01b

Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain needed several stylish video-based speaker support decks for a corporate meeting.

Deck Delfino 01b

Delfino Advertising

Delfino needed several Flash-based marketing decks for their client, Trilogy, a major creator of food flavorings.

Deck CUP 02

Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press needed a presentation deck to roll out the latest version of their renowned “Interchange” English language learning product.

Deck Verizon 01

Verizon Credit

Verizon Credit wanted a Flash-based sales presentation for their financial services group.


Deck Monotype 01


Monotype wanted a highly designed video presentation to drive their first Web Font Awards Show.