Animation HBP 02b
Harvard Business Publishing
Playing to Win

A fun, animated book trailer for the acclaimed book “Playing To Win” by A.G. Lafley and Roger L. Martin.

Animation Joslin 11
Joslin Diabetes Center - On The Road

A series of 23 informative, multi-lingual videos that help make living with diabetes seem more approachable.

Animation CUP 01
Cambridge University Press

This is a playful video to introduce Cambridge University Press’s Touchstone Learning product.

Animation ImmuSan T 04
ImmusanT – Nexvax 2

Introduction to a new treatment for Celiac disease.



Animation Verizon 03
Verizon – Credit Services

Elegant design, photography and graphics highlight this presentation.

Animation Monotype 07
Monotype - WebFonts Awards

Stylish 2D animation to highlight winners of web design contest

Animation Genscape 08
Genscape - ARA

3D animation to introduce a new energy trading software

Animation Pegus 09
Revex - Pegus

Training video for installing auto glass using a specialized adhesive.